Here are my quick and easy ways to say no aka ten ways to say no, in case you wondering how to concentrate on the things that matter to you, here you have it.

For the purpose of being the best to ourselves, there will come a time when you have to say no to a lot of things, be it auntie Glory’s grocery shopping request or Uncle Tom’s trip coordination or even just be overbooking yourself in your consulting business. You may merely need to laser focus in order to become the best.

Without further ado here is are some ways to say no.

Let’s go.

Nope: use nope to state your unshakeable intention.

Any other time might work; this to me is a soft way to say no. It just means that the current moment is not the right time to pursue such interest.

I will need to bow: Perhaps you have already said yes in the hope that you can do it and just realized you cannot. Yikes!

I have too much on my plate: This comes with the realization that you are already doing too much.

Maybe another time: a great way to say no and still keep hope of helping out in the future.

I am not accepting anything else at this time, is a fantastic way to say no.

In reality, “I wish I could make it work.” Well, you couldn’t.

Apologies but I can’t make it. I have had to say this to some family members lately, unfortunately.

Not today, not tomorrow, not this month and not this year and not never! Oops, this is when you don’t just want to work with that one person, with this in mind you just say it as it is.

Finally, you can use “not again” to prevent those awkward work moments you don’t want repeating itself. Given maintaining your sanity, this phrase could come handy.

So those are my ten ways to say no. Please share some of the ways you use the power of no below in the comment, moreover please share this post.




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