Have you ever wondered how people get ahead in life? Here are the 19 ways people can get ahead in life. But, before we dig in may I share with you what I have been up lately.

Here’s the actual story of what has been going (don’t worry I will make it short):

In the past two months, I have been laser-focused on creating FREE materials to help you become more successful in life and career. I was bothered by the number of people that abandon their dreams after a short try, and I decided to do something major about it.

From surveying 15 creative entrepreneurs and dreamers (people that have big dreams and know their “why” or “purpose.”) I have come to realize that most times people may forsake their aspiration due to many differing reasons; perhaps lack of time, lack of knowledge or not knowing the scope of work or even lack of discipline. All of which is procrastination.

But Here is the Hard Truth
There is no one single cause or reason for procrastinating. On one side of the world, you could find some people getting AHEAD in life and careers seamlessly, allowing absolutely NOTHING to stop them in their quest for a better life aka satisfied. While in another side of the world some people can hardly have a productive day. Well, from my findings, I decided to create a FREE Procrastination Cure Productivity Formula WORKBOOK; an easy-to-use workbook that will show you how to get things done and become more successful. I did also create a FREE COURSE; “How NOT to flipping Quit on Yourself!” A 7-day no-quit strategy. ALL FREE!


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Now let’s Look at 19 Ways People Get Ahead in Life.

Are you ready?

Here you go:

1. You must have a vision or why:

Vision is not only necessary it is a MUST if you must get ahead! You need to have an idea of where you want to go in mind. If you are not 100% sure that’s okay, but you must have an idea of your destination. It is easier to plan when you already have a vision.

2. Be FOCUS: Experts say that FOCUS is key to Success.

Focus means that ‘thing’ is important to you and that it is a priority. Focus on one goal at a time if you have many goals. That is, work on only one thing until that very thing becomes successful and then you can go to another.

Instead of doing a gazillion of stuff you can be known for ONLY ONE AWESOME THING. What do we know Steve Jobs for? What about Bill Gates? What about Mark Zuckerberg? Similarly, all of them are known for one major thing that changed the world.

3. See failure as a Learning Opportunity:

In life and business, challenges are inevitable, and failure happens, in my opinion, they are a MUST. But how you see failure matter, start seeing failures as learning opportunities because you will encounter quite a number of them. Remember, the only way not to witness failure is to stop trying.

4. Do not be Everything to Everyone:

Everyone has 24 hours in a day to do so much. This means that you have to prioritize your time and goals. You cannot promise to do everything everyone asks you to do even if they are family members.

Learn to say NO. Learn not to be everything to everyone because you simply can’t!

5. Be Shameless about whom you are; People will always have an Opinion:

Who are you? Do you know you? Knowing who you are comes with appreciating who you are and what is it that you bring to the table. Whether you do good or bad, people will always have an opinion. In fact, learn not to be fazed by peoples’ opinion. People will always have something to say.

6. Let go of things that are not Serving you any longer (habits, people, past).

Am sure if you take a close look at your life at this moment, you will notice a lot of things that are no longer working in your favor. And probably, you are still putting your time and energy behind them. Only you know what these things are, it could be a toxic relationship, a bad business investment, your past, etc.! Remember, everyone cannot go with you. Whatever that is not aligning with your vision may need to go!

It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn’t matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over.Paulo Coelho

7. Take care of Yourself; Health is Wealth:

In other, for you to get ahead, you MUST take care of yourself. As the old saying goes; Health is Wealth. Look out for yourself and do not forget self-care no matter how busy your life becomes or how successful you are.

8. Watch what you Do; Actions Speak Louder:

Beware of how you treat other people especially when you are on your way up, you never know, and maybe you see them again on your way down. Do well to people, and right it will come back to you.

9. Deliver on the Promises you made to Yourself;

Deliver on your deadlines, first. They say “charity begins at home,” so start with you and where you are. Follow your own rules. Follow what you preach. If you are a motivator, motivate yourself and live up to the standards, you have set up.

10. Forgive Yourself:

Forgiveness is powerful, healing and offers complete restoration. Be compassionate to yourself and forgive yourself, then you can show the same to people you meet. Forgiveness helps you get ahead big time.

Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude. Martin Luther King Jr.

11. Learn, Unlearn and Re-learn.

Learning is an important part of getting ahead in life. Be a life-long learner. However, there will come a time to unlearn some of the things you know before and re-learn some aspects of the things you have forgotten.

12. Do not Compare and Compete with others.

It is tempting to quickly look at our lives and compare it with the lives of friends or even other family members. Here is the deal; life is not a race but a journey. We are all on a different mission; this is why it is a highly necessary to have a vision. When you have a vision, then you will follow your cause of action to make it happen.

13. Journal your Journey.

I love journaling, part of the reason why I started writing. There is a certain peace that comes with writing stuff down. Notably, journaling enables you to enjoy the process of living a successful life. Because everything is not always going to be as you have envisioned for them to be, life has ups and downs.

14. Have Mutual respect for others and every Human being.

Respectfulness is a good habit that enables growth. No matter who is right or wrong during a disagreement, be willing to show respect, it will take you far.

15. Be Prepared to Stretch Yourself:

How far are you willing to go? One of the reasons why people give up is that they are not ready to go that extra mile. If you have been asked to run 1 mile, run 2. If you have been invited to eat salad two times a week make it four.

Above all, push yourself beyond your imagination.



16. Show up Prepared Consistently, and one day you will have a miracle.

Strangely enough, you cannot say, you exercised yesterday; therefore you cannot exercise again all month. Or that perhaps you ate a plate of salad last week Monday and no more salad all month long and you will be good. Well, not too fast! For everything you decide to do, consistency is paramount.

17. Become money wise:

One of the fastest ways people can get ahead economically is by been money wise. Know for sure the exact thing you are investing; I have seen people investing in a deal without fully been in the knowledge of that investment. If you are in business, know what comes in, what goes out and the profit. Do not live above your means.

18. Build solid relationships:

Network = net worth, now this tip is probably supposed to be the first thing on this list but at the same time, this whole list is no particular order. A good relationship is everything! Seek out healthy relationships. Foster great relationships. Build powerful relationships. I believe that your network is equal to your net worth!

In other words, people buy from those they know and trust.

19. Encourage yourself and keep pushing ahead, fearlessly.

No matter much you love to listen to motivational speakers, you have to be able to motivate and inspire yourself. If you would, have an alter ego that will help you to get rid of fear. FEAR is the enemy of progress. If you want to get ahead, you MUST get rid of FEAR!

In Conclusion, the 19 ways people get ahead in life centers on doing. And if you currently a doer then massive congratulations to you, keep up the good work. If you are not a doer, no worries. Let’s start today; it is never too late to start unless you quit.

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