2017 Ends… 2018 Begins.

As we clock into the New Year, I want to share with you 17 things I am leaving behind in 2017. In fact, I have already started letting these things go.

1. Negative Voices: The problem of negative voices is more rampant than we think and in 2017 I have had to listen and struggle with negative views, contrary opinions and negative people. As we leap into 2018, I am getting rid of all voices that no longer serve me even if they are considered “voice of reason” from loved ones. I think you MUST do same as well.

2. Lack of Courage: In the list of the 17 things I am leaving behind in 2017 is lack of courage. In other to be able to pursue a lofty goal that challenges your tenacity and capability you have to be courageous. Big goals are not for the feeble-minded people.” I am letting go of cowardliness and timidity. Courage here I come.

3. Doubt: There were many ideas I came up in 2017, and I never followed up because of uncertainty. At some point I let doubt in and even in certain things that I pursued, I allowed doubting spirit to create a distraction. I cannot allow doubt to stop me, not anymore.

4. Under-Prepared; Not Being Fully Prepared for the Work Ahead: List of things I am leaving behind in 2017 will not be complete without mentioning under-preparedness. I have seen myself struggle in this area and I know I am not alone. Most times we may not realize the intensity of work that our goals and tasks require. When you underrate the preparation that needs to happen, it could cost you big. I am not going to play myself anymore. What about you?

Limit Your Limitations.

5. Considering other people’s opinion: As the last child of my family, sometimes my siblings’ approval of my actions mean a whole world to me. This 2017 have thought me that other people’s opinion of my intended action is not as important as my own decision.

6. Not Setting Enough Boundary: Setting the appropriate and necessary limit is the only way that ensures that your peace of mind is intact as you run the marathon of life. Decide on what to allow in your life and what not. When your house is free for all access at any given time you risk distractions that hugely affects your productivity and success.

7. Too Many Yeses: Sometimes we say, “yes” to every opportunity because that is what the gurus say we should do. In other words, saying “no” is killing off opportunities. While in reality, we kill our chances when we have too many commitments aka many yeses!

8. Trying to Know Everything Right Now: Just in case you think that “overnight success” is a real thing, Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, successes are built upon lengthy trial and error, but most importantly with a determined spirit. Many successful people did not know everything when they first started out, in the same fashion you should not belittle yourself or feel like a fraud if you do not know everything, right now. Invest in yourself and work with what you have. At least that is what I am going to do. Regardless of the pressure to know everything always remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH and what you have is enough!

Nothing is Perfect.

9. Insufficient Self-care: Consequently, I am promising to be more kind and loving to myself. I will be dedicating more self-care time to love on myself. I started exercising in July 2017, and it has proven to be a good self-care for me by all means. I encourage you to look for the things that will make you feel good and pursue it, sooner or later your body will thank you.

10. Inconsistency: I refuse to accept inconsistencies in many areas of my in 2018. At the present time, I am doing “okay” in the consistency department. All in all, I want to do better, and fully show up for all my intentions.

11. Being Hurt by No: In 2017, I allowed a couple of “no’s” to bother and dampen my spirit. To repeat, I WILL NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO BE HURT BY A “NO.” No more. I pray you find the courage to do so as well.

12. The Thought of being Perfect: Every single day, perfection is being sold to us in all direction: mainstream media, social media, family meetings, etc. No one is perfect not even the people selling this dream, to that end be yourself and do your best. For this reason NO to trying to “perfect things” in 2018.

Do it Scared.

13. Fear of Failure: Certainly everyone is afraid of something but you everyone does not let fear stop them. Why should you? I have decided that I will give myself a chance and if one dream fails, I another one. On the positive side, you keep learning even when you have failed. On the negative side, you fail woefully when you stop trying. The ladies featured on Forbes never allowed fear to stop them. Read the full story here.

14. Powerlessness: Life, in particular, becomes more beautiful if you realize how powerful you are. I have declared 2018 a year of power. A year to get up and possess my possessions. No more would I say “I can’t” but I will. As long as there is a will, there must be a way.

15. Shame: 17 things I am leaving behind in 2017 will be incomplete if I did not talk about shame and it’s consequences. There was a time I allowed a lot of things to bother me. And it hindered me from walking in my truth.

16. Expectations: To an extent, I expected certain things from some people, and under those circumstances, I felt disappointed. Inasmuch as I know, the only person to look unto and expect something from is God. Human beings can fall short of our expectations.

17. Doing it Alone: For the most part not asking for help is one of my most significant blockages all these years. I am a kind of person that like to learn how to do specific stuff and sometimes it takes me a minute to figure. Unfortunately, time is one our most expensive asset because it cannot be recouped. I feel better asking and receiving help.

Overall you save time when you get someone to help you with the things don’t know how to do.

In the meantime I want to hear from you, it’s now your turn to talk.☺

Did any of the above resonate with you?

In a word or two, please share in the comment what you will be leaving behind in 2017. Also, please SHARE this blog post!

Oh wow! I can’t believe that I did let in all the above blockages into life all these years. I instantly release them, and I welcome abundance of blessings as I enter the New Year!

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