A visit to Colonial Williamsburg on July 03, 2017, a day before the 4th of July US Independence Day celebration had me thinking and re-imagining a lot of things.

Luckily, I live in Williamsburg, so this visit wasn’t really a big deal as per the trip, the lodging/accommodation and/or food.


My colonial Williamsburg story will come in two parts, just because it is a little long and I personally want to keep my posts unforgettably succinct. Part two will follow towards the end of the week.

Now, go get a cup of cold summery goodness and enjoy this post.


As our tour guide led us through Peyton Randolph House, she told stories of what went down in that household during the colonial era.

I held my breath.


I quieted my spirit.

Then I listened.

Then I listened very closely.


The truth is this…

Some of the stories made me really uncomfortable at some point, but this visit was important to me for many reasons.

Inside the depth of history lies the hope for the future, I believe.

A future that ensures certain history does not repeat itself.1

I do think everyone must visit Colonial Williamsburg at some point, but if you haven’t yet I got you covered in this post.


Why does this matter? Well, here is why:

  1. Love Conquers All.

Obviously a lot of things went down in history during the colonial era, majority of which were really really hurtful to people of color. I will say love has been very powerful in allowing healing to take place. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., (MLK).

“I have decided to stick to love…Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

This visit reminded me of the need to have more love and respect for all persons. Love helps you to see everyone as one while still appreciating their differences.

  1. Forgiveness can Heal every Wound.

Forgiveness is an important ingredient for growth. Forgiveness is necessary in other to move forward in the right direction, in life.1 Without forgiveness, people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., wouldn’t have been able to become a light in the world despite the darkness he saw growing up.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.,

As I listened to our tour guide in Randolph House Colonial Williamsburg, I realize that this nation and the whole world need more forgiveness in other to move forward from colonial hurt.

  1. Horn into History for Honest Headway.

For anyone who wants to grow and or advance mightily in life, understanding your past is important and necessary. It helps you to be mindful of those situations and circumstances that have not served you previously. Then it enables you to stand firm in building a solid future foundation. If you are someone that runs away from your past, I want to encourage you to face it courageously because it may reveal who you are, which will help you to become who you truly want to be.

  1. Create your FREEDOM.

July 4th of every year in the United States is celebrated as the Independence Day otherwise Freedom Day or Liberty Day, yet this Fourth of July and specifically my trip to Colonial Williamsburg reminded me about the importance of self-freedom. That is the need for each individual to create the life they want and desire. Do no hope and hop on society’s definition of freedom, though that is necessary for an orderly society, it shouldn’t be all you have for your own freedom;

What do you want as a person?

Are you truly liberated from the things that no longer serve you?

Think of what you need to let go today in other to experience a truly-free-peaceful-beautiful-life.

Then, start by creating and defining your OWN freedom.

Do not let anyone determine how you should feel your joy or how you should live your life.

Create your LIBERTY. Establish your AUTONOMY.

  1. Your Divine Destiny is Indestructible.

What God has for you is for you. That’s like a general saying you may have had many times before, right?

But it is true.

Your divine destiny no one can destroy. Remember, how God raised Moses for the children of Israel, raised MLK for us. Though MLK did not see many things he wrote about in his famous “I have a Dream” speech become reality in his lifetime, some of those things have actually manifested. Black and white people nowadays easily go to the same school. Inter-racial marriages happening very frequently, and most recently Mr. Barack Obama became the first Black President of the United States.

Go activate your dreams; what God has for you is for you, champion.


Bottom-line, knowing your history and learning from its lessons are very beneficial to achieving breakthrough.

You must position yourself to be stronger than what you have been through.

You cannot allow the bruises of your past to block the blessings of your future.

Therefore, begin a new you.

Start a new song.

Have a new view.

Whatever you dwell on is what you develop.



 Love always,

“Become the Champion of your Greatness”



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